Vocational Education Programme


Vocational Education Programs started in 1971. It is the backbone of the Rangoonwala Trust.

Around 500,000 students have been trained and passed out from this institution.

The Centre offers different types of courses for both men and women, however, majority of the course are for women only. Our main purpose is to help students acquire the practical skills and certifications that can help them become entrepreneurs and run successful businesses.

Students enroll in more than 1 courses at a time.

The Centre also actively encourages and support people with disabilities or handicaps to attend courses. Importantly, fees are kept low so students from all backgrounds can attain these skills and kickstart their careers.

Skills you can learn through vocational training

The Centre offers more than seventy courses. Depending on your area of interest, there are many skills that you could earn through vocational training programs. Some of these include:

Each category is further divided into sub-categories of individual courses based on the subject, trade and duration.

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