Booking Terms & Conditions

Policies governing the operation and use of Zuleikhabai Auditorium and Courtyard are necessary to ensure that the building and its furnishings are maintained at optimum level of utility, safety, cleanliness, and efficiency for the entire community’s full enjoyment of the facilities provided. They are not intended to limit or hinder the full utilization of the facilities. The following policies and procedures shall be in effect during the use of Zuleikhabai Auditorium and Courtyard by any individual or organization. The requesting person/group/company agrees that its members and guests will abide as follows:

  1. Payment to be made through Pay Order only and refund of Security Deposit, if any, would be made through Cross Cheque a week after the function.

  2. Painting of scenery or equipment as well as nailing objects to any surface or attaching anything to curtains or painted surfaces of the auditorium is prohibited. No person shall affix anything to the walls, floor, Stage, or ceiling by any means without permission of the auditorium manager.

  3. No function is allowed to continue beyond 12:00 midnight after which overstay charges will be charged as per schedule.

  4. All furniture, fittings and fixtures are to be removed on the same day or latest by 9:00 am next morning, otherwise the applicant is liable to pay a penalty of Rs.500/- minimum which will be deducted from Security Deposit.

  5. Political meetings or functions are not allowed under any circumstances.

  6. Refreshments and food are not permitted in the lobby, auditorium, or on stage. Receptions in the Courtyard may be permitted when approved by the auditorium manager subject to the hiring conditions. Smoking in all areas of the Auditorium is prohibited.

  7. Access to the Control Room/Switch Room and use of the equipment therein is limited to Rangoonwala Community Centre’s staff unless the Director gives written authorization. Only authorized Rangoonwala Community Centre’s staff members may operate the equipment in the Auditorium and Courtyard. Use or operation of such equipment by a non-staff person requires the permission of the Director and the supervision of a member of the Rangoonwala Community Centre’s staff. Members of Rangoonwala Community Centre’s Staff will supervise all events held at Auditorium and Courtyard including stage management, and operate sound, lighting, and audiovisual equipment. The staff also has the right of refusal of any unsafe or unreasonable requests made of them and/or the space.

  8. Management reserves the right to cancel or withhold permission granted without giving any reasons.

  9. The applicant should produce permission from competent authorities for holding the proposed function especially for musical functions, melas, fun-fair (NOC from Excise officer / Town Nazim), as per requirement.

  10. All damages to the property shall be paid by the applicant in addition to the prescribed charges. The Management is not responsible for any loss or damage to the property of the applicant or Decorator, Caterers, Guests while at the Centre.

  11. Management may consider special schedule of charges for Non-Political & Non-Profitable Prize Distribution ceremonies, seminars, symposia, conferences in which no food is served.

  12. In case of any untoward law-and-order situation arising, it shall be the sole responsibility of the applicant/organizers of the function to take all the necessary steps to control the same with or without the help of the police.

  13. The Management shall accept no responsibility whatsoever in that behalf.

  14. Car parked in and out of the Centre is at owner’s risk.

  15. Cancellation Schedule:
    • In case booking is made at least 33 days before the intended date of use, Cancellation within 3 days of the booking will entail penalty of 5% of the total charges.
    • 20% penalty of the total charges will have to be paid if intimation given 30 days prior to the intended date of use.
    • In case, intimation is given between 30 days and up to 7 days prior to the intended date of use, penalty of 50% of the total charges becomes payable.
    • Intimation given less than 7 days of the intended date of use, shall entail penalty of 75% of the total charges.
    • Cancellation intimation given less than 3 days before intended date of use, shall entail penalty of 100% charges.

  16. Absolutely NO SURPRISES!!!!