50 Years of celebrations

50th Anniversary of ZVMG

To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of ZVMG Rangoonwala Community Centre a special 10 day event was organized. It was attended by major brands as well as small businesses who participated in different activities including cooking, baking, painting and make-up competitions. Attendees also enjoyed different cuisines at various food stalls.

At the end of the event, an glittering award ceremony was held to honour the work of the employees of Rangoonwala Community Centre.


The Trust subsidizes its own projects. These includes primary and secondary schooling, a community Centre, a vocational training centre, a primary healthcare facility and an arts gallery. Moreover, a great emphasis is placed on financially assisting other institutions with similar objectives to the Trust.

The Trust seeks to encourage and support individuals and institutions constrained by the lack of financial resources to achieve their goals in the fields of health, education and arts.